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Like Whiskey In Coffee

The writings of mjules

Like Whiskey in Coffee {fanfiction journal}
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This is the writing journal of mjules where she intends to post and archive all her fanfiction.

All stories are archived in the Memories by fandom, pairing, and status (one-shot, WIP, finished multi-parter). In the case of series/WsIP, they should also be archived by series/story name.

If you are looking for the Maes/Roy Fullmetal Alchemist series "Boys Blue" and "Uncharted" that I am writing with cornerofmadness, they can be found in the memories of fma_ot4, archived by series names.

Some of the fiction archived in this community is not appropriate for minors. Please adhere to the laws of your country and do not read ratings that are not appropriate for you.

Please Note: I read and appreciate adore all the feedback that is left for me, and I do my best to respond to it to say so. However, there are occasions (sometimes frequent) when I do not for some reason or another. Please don't think I am ignoring you. I just suck that way. :)